Reiki Therapy


Reiki Therapy serves to unify the Mind, Body and Spirit into a complete and harmonious state while re-balancing that which is out of balance, the cause of Dis-ease within the subtle bodies, which translates directly to the physical body. Reiki balances the body’s energetic system, restoring one’s equilibrium and well-being. It also has an amazing capacity to adjust itself to the needs of each unique individual, somehow equipped with a perception of each individual need. Each session is includes intuitive guidance, when required.
People have Reiki for different reasons…

  • For relaxation
  • To reduce stress
  • To cure illness
  • For inner peace
  • To promote general well-being
  • For increasing intuition and awareness
  • To feel grounded
  • To reduce the symptoms of anxiety
  • To reduce the symptoms of depression
  • For boosting confidence and self-esteem
  • For balancing chakras
  • For grief and sadness
  • Past trauma
  • Chronic pain


I can facilitate healing regardless of time and distance by using sacred Usui Reiki Symbols as a bridge between people, places or dimensions. Distant Reiki can be sent to you, friends or loved ones and pets. Enjoy this dynamic and harmonious energy from the highest source in the comfort of your own home, whilst at work or during school exams. This treatment is just as strong as a hands on Reiki healing whether you are located around the corner from me or tens of thousands of miles away.


Chakras are centres of energy within the body. There are seven main Chakras and each Chakra represents a unique part of our being. All Chakras are interconnected and can become blocked for different reasons. Blockages can lead to confusion, anxiety, depression, physical ailments, poor decision making, feeling stuck, feeling emotionally drained and can also give you a feeling of disconnectedness within yourself, your relationships and your environments. When you’re Chakras are free from blockages, you vibrate at a higher frequency attracting love, joy, abundance, opportunities, direction, more energy, happiness and inner peace. Everything that doesn’t serve your higher good, fades away. Opportunities can sometimes be disguised as loss and new ideas, interests, people and environments and overall abundance enters your life.