Psychic/Medium Readings


I have a solid background in energy healing and have several modalities in which I am proficient in. These include Pranic and Ashati Healing, Reiki Healing and Reiki Teaching and Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy.

Working with energy has opened me up to a higher realm of spirituality and has lead me to psychic and medium-ship readings. This facet of higher guidance through Spirit is something I have always been passionate and intrigued about. I continue to develop my skills in my local psychic and medium-ship circle on a monthly basis. This and meditation helps to keep my connection to Spirit strong to enables accuracy and relevant insight.

My Nanny used to read tea leaves and playing cards and I feel very strongly guided by her spirit.

During my childhood I experienced heightened sensitivity to energy and empathy which fueled my yearning to help and heal others. Whilst I channel my information through spirit, I also like to include the use of divination angel & oracle cards towards the end of the reading.

I’m a Claircognizance ~ clear knowing, Clairsentience ~ clear feeling and Clairvoyance ~ clear seeing and I am continually humbled by the spirit world.

Every client is unique, as is every consult.

The cost of my psychic readings vary depending on the duration as outlined below.

$50 – 30-40 minutes

$90 – 1 hour


Alternatively I offer readings via email.

An email reading gives you something that is tangible that you can keep forever and reflect upon.

Once I have been notified of your request for an email reading, I will respond within 24 hours. A comprehensive email and a lovely crafted hard copy of the reading will be posted out to you. All readings are confidential.

Please email me via with a photo of yourself and names and photos of any loved ones that you feel you need clarity around and remember to include any questions you would like answered in your reading. This is also where I can assist you with any queries you may have regarding this process.