Flower Essence Therapy

The healing power of Flower Essences have been used globally in many different countries. Flower Essence Therapy was evident in countries including Australia, Ancient Egypt, India, Asia, Europe and South America. Many different cultures and traditions adapted natural healing methods for thousands of years. There are written records on papyrus of flowers being used for healing purposes during Egyptian times, three thousand years ago.

Flower Essences work expansively on a vibrational frequency to heal emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. They encourage creativity, self-esteem and confidence, life purpose and direction. Flower Essence Therapy shifts and resolves old negative patterns which in turn introduces new energy, working to improve general health and well-being during life’s challenges and crises They can also be advantageous when one experiences learning difficulties and family issues. They raise and correct vibrational frequencies to come onto line with the universe and help you live in accordance to your truth. Flower Essence Therapy enhances the Relaxation Massage Therapy session and when Reiki is included it brings about a very powerful result.

“You don’t have a soul, you are a soul, you have a body”