Do These 7 Things to Get Your Spark Back!

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This works for anybody who is feeling a little disheartened, weary, frustrated, bored or who finds themselves in a rut! Pull yourself out of the bog and back onto solid ground again!

Everybody has a spark within them that can become dim from time to time. The trick is to reignite it by doing this;

1 – Write down 3 limiting beliefs and flip them into empowering statements. Say these out loud every morning.

2 – Write down 5 things you are grateful for.

3 – Write down 5 things you like about yourself or that you are good at.

4 – Ask yourself what it is that drives you? Some people like to climb mountains, others like to write, bake, swim in the ocean on a cold day and others like to help people. What ignites YOUR spark?

5 – Donate to a charity; do some local volunteering work; go out of your way to help somebody. I recommend doing this if you are vibrating at a fear frequency around money. Fear you don’t have enough or won’t have enough.

6 – Do this Mindfulness exercise;

Bless everybody in your life who has hurt you or who you have hurt by sending them love and healing. Do the same for everyone in the world who is suffering from sadness or pain of any kind. Bless Mother Earth.

Put things into divine perspective and imagine you are soaring through space and you can see earth off in the distance. All sense of separation or disconnectedness vanishes. You are suddenly one, not only with the earth but also with the cosmos. You are as integral to the divine plan as every planet and every star around you. You experience the peace of this unity, the beauty of this connectedness between humanity, the earth and the universe.

As you make your decent you feel yourself re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. You pass through the clouds; the land comes into view once more. Your country gives way to your state, your city, your neighbourhood, your home and finally, the room from which you now find yourself once more.

As you open your eyes you seem to see everything with new eyes, in a new light.

7 – Ask yourself these questions –

  1. Are you growing, learning and getting out of your comfort zone regularly? If not, your energy will stagnate and this will affect your moods. You may attract negative situations and people into your life until you learn to let go of the fear that is holding you back.
  2. Have you been limiting your vision in any way? If so, how might it be affecting your life in general?
  3. Are you living your life to the fullest? If not remember you only have ONE life, an OPPORTUNITY. Anything is possible, go BEYOND the SKY! Winning all the time isn’t always good just as failing isn’t always bad. When you fail, you learn and grow!


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