About Us

My ardent yearning to help and heal is something that has been with me from a very young age. During my childhood I experienced a heightened sensitivity to energy and lived with an enormous amount of empathy, which only became stronger into adulthood. My sensitivity enables me to connect with and work with others on an energetic and intuitive level.

I feel blessed to be living authentically and in harmony with my true self. This truth has a ripple effect with each client that I have the absolute delight of connecting with. I honour each individual’s unique personality and ensure every session is inspiring and enhancing. I feel great joy in witnessing each person’s positive transformation.

I am a Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Ashati Practitioner, Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and a third generation genuine and authentic Psychic Reader. Guiding people to live in harmony has become my passion.  I channel my information through spirit and include the use of divination angel & oracle cards. I’m a Claircognizance ~ clear knowing, Clairsentience ~ clear feeling and Clairvoyance ~ clear seeing and I am continually humbled by the spirit world.

Every client is unique, as is every consult.


Chakra Waves is situated nestled in the hills overlooking Whistlepipe Gully in Kalamunda. The breathtaking views are an integral part of your Chakra Waves healing journey. It is impossible not to embrace the wide open space and enjoy the feeling of your busy life or worries instantly fade away. A short walk around the corner will captivate your mind with views of the city. The distance being so close, yet so far away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Across the road from Chakra Waves there are countless hiking trails for those who wish to observe many different species of Western Australian Wildflowers when in bloom (some of which are used in Bush Flower Essences). Unite with nature and take a stroll to maximise your healing experience.

Life is speeding up so it is important to live in the moment. Whether you live near or far, the trip to Chakra Waves will be well worth your time and effort.