7 Main Chakras

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The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through.

Blocked energy in our seven chakras can make us feel imbalanced which will eventually reflect in our daily lives and can sometimes lead to us making poor decisions; a feeling of disconnectedness; confusion, anxious, depressed; insecure, resentful and this can eventually lead to illness or disease.

What does each Chakra represent and how can we keep them balanced?

  • The 1st Chakra is the Base or Root Chakra.  What we are doing in our life and where we are going – the joy of life. The flow of our thoughts can block this – be positive! I use a bush flower essence called Bush Iris to clear any blockages in the Base Chakra.
  • The 2nd is the Sacral Chakra. Sexuality (ie. male, female gender, procreation) Creativity – we create all we bring to our life, our relationships, careers, families, friends and the environment we live in. I use Turkey Bush to heal all creative blocks.
  • The 3rd is the Solar Plexus. The seat of our emotions, fears, anger, all negative emotions. I use Grey Spider Flower and Mountain Devil  for faith, courage, calm, healthy boundaries, forgiveness, unconditional love and happiness. 
  • The 4th is the Heart Chakra. Love and understanding, acceptance and non-judgement of self and others. Artistic creativity. Self love and acceptance. I use Pink Flannel Flower and Bluebell to help keep ones heart and heart chakra open and vibrating at a high love vibration. Remaining appreciative, feeling gratitude and a lightness of being. I also use Five Corners to resolve low self-esteem, lack of confidence and diminished self-love. It brings about love and acceptance of self and joyousness within.
  • The 5th is the Throat Chakra. For speaking up for self and others, being true to your feelings. I use Bush Fuchsia to assist one to trust their own ‘gut’ feeling and have the courage to speak out about their own convictions. It gives people clarity in public speaking. Sturt Desert Rose gives one courage to be true to ones self and live with conviction and integrity.
  • The 6th is the Third Eye Chakra. Clairvoyance. Seeing other dimensions, spirits, guides, angels, fairies etc I use Angelsword to assist in reaching one’s own spiritual truth by cutting through any confusion or misinformation. Angelsword protects from outside influences and entities so one can receive clear information from one’s Higher Self without interference.
  • The 7th is the Crown Chakra. Clairaudience. Opens when we start to listen intuitively to guidance from higher places. I use Red Lily to keep the Crown Chakra open and bring back into balance. It is the same flower as the Sacred Lotus in the Buddhist tradition. It is for spirituality and connection. To feel grounded and centred allowing a person to have wholeness to their spirituality by also realising the need to develop and maintain a balanced physical and emotional life.


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